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Buy a Horse

Join us on this exciting journey and let's find your perfect equine companion together!

How it works

Our #1 priority is to satisfy customers!

Trust and Loyalty are our keywords when doing business and we find them to be crucial elements for a successful and long-term partnership.

Buy with North Equine

Our services include guidance in choosing the right horse, price negotiation and sales agreements.
We ensure that you have a safe and satisfactory experience as a buyer.

Price negotiation and contracts / legal agreements

If you already found the perfect match, we ensure that you secure the best possible terms as we manage the complexities of the price negotiations and legal agreements.

Horse shopping trips

More than 25 years of experience and highly reliable contacts. For the ambitious rider / investor that wants the full service package.
*Also accessible online/ investor that wants the full service package.
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Get access to horses that are not officially for sale

By signing up to our database, you can inform us about your preferences and requirements for your future horse. We will contact you when we have the horse that matches your needs.

*Please note that we currently arrange full shopping trips all over Europe. 

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